iGadgitz Water Resistant Black Sports Jogging Gym Armband for LG G3 D855


This custom made water resistant armband for LG G3 D855 is designed specifically for your device. Silk printing for full use of the volume controls and power button through the case. Full touch screen functionality even when cased. Made from water resistant neoprene material. Perfect for use in the gym, jogging, cycling, beach, etc. Fully adjustable. Please note that headphones are not included with this case.

Produced from light-weight neoprene, it protects your phone from chips and scratches. Silk Printing for the volume and power buttons to allow for full functionality during exercise.

Headphone tidy to tie up headphone slack. Ideal for wearing to the gym or whilst jogging.

Not Suitable for any other LG. Please note that this armband will not fit your phone if it is in a case or cover.

Secure adjustable armband designed for arms between approx. 25cm and approx. 34cm in circumference. If your arm is bigger than this you may wish to consider purchasing the iGadgitz Armband Extender Strap. Please search for the product by typing "iGadgitz Black Neoprene Extender Grip Strap" in the search bar above.

iGadgitz custom-made running armband for LG G3 D855 + • LG G3 D851 for T-Mobile • LG G3 D850 for AT&T • LG G3 VS985 for Verizon • LG G3 LS990 for Sprint

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.: U3118