1 Kid Sized Wireless Infrared Universal Car Automotive Colored Adjustable 2 Channel Headphones With Case 3.5mm Auxiliary Cord and

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You will receive 1 Wireless Infrared headphone Plus a 12 volt IR Transmitter for use on Aftermarket Portable DVD players. Headphone is compatible with all vehicles with a factory or aftermarket DVD/Video System that uses IR (infrared) technology. Headphone also has a headphone jack and comes with a 3 ft Auxiliary cord to use on any device with a standard 3.5mm port such as: Smartphone, Tablet, Leap pad, and even on an airplane! Each headphone also comes with a durable zippered case with a mesh stroage pouch inside. 2 Channel headphone for vehicles with one or two channel systems. Headphones adjust in size so they will fit adults too. On/Off Switch with automatic shutoff after two minutes of inactivity. Headphone uses 2 AAA batteries when used wireless, no batteries required when used with the auxiliary cord feature. Soft padded earpieces for hours of comfortable listening. Replacement earpieces (PN: MZ-HP-EP) specifically for these headphones also available. No programming or set up required, unit will pick up the audio in your vehicle as soon as the movie begins. 12 volt two channel IR Transmitter turns any device with a standard headphone jack into a wireless system. No more connecting cords with your store bought portable DVD players. Simply plug the transmitter into the headphone jack on the DVD player and the audio becomes wireless. Unlimited headsets will connect to the transmitter. Be sure to place the transmitter where each listener can see it for the headphones to pick up the sound. Transmitter is powered by a standard 12v cigarette lighter outlet.

Wireless for IR Car Systems with One or Two Channel Infrared systems

Each Headphone comes with a matching durable case and Auxiliary cord

12v Two Channel IR Transmitter to turn any aftermarket DVD player Wireless

3.5mm Auxiliary port to also use on any device with a Standard Headphone Jack such as a smartphone, tablet, Leap Pad, or airplane

Perfect for children 2 years old+ Adjustable to fit adults too

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Brand Name: Wisconsin Auto Supply

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Packaging Size: 6 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches